Village of Canwood

Please take note that as per section 6 of Bylaw 2016 – 03, a Bylaw to Regulate the Proceedings of Municipal Council and Council’s Committees, regular meetings of Council for the Village of Canwood will be held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. As per Resolution 152-21, the regular August meeting will be moved to Monday, August 16, 2021, commencing at 6:00 p.m.

As per subsection 13.6 of the same Bylaw, anyone wanting to bring forth any items to council’s attention at this regular meeting is asked to please submit to the office no later than the Monday, August 9, 2021, 3:00 p.m. immediately preceding so it may be added to the agenda.

*With the uncertainty of the lifting of our Public Health Orders, be advised that due to COVID – 19 Coronavirus, to allow for proper social distancing, this meeting will be held at the Village owned building located at 580 Main Street (café), Canwood, SK. If you wish to attend this meeting, please be advised that the gallery will be required to sit at an appropriate distance from Administration, members of Council or any other attendee.*

Erin Robertson, Administrator


Mayor, Council and Staff


Mayor - Robert Thompson -  (306) 468-2266

Councillor – Lorne Benson (306) 468-7617

Councillor – Ken Moar, Deputy Mayor (306) 468-2009

Councillor – Ron Willner (306)468-3060

Administrator - Erin Robertson - (306) 468-2016